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Open Mosque targeted in arson attack

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The Open Mosque in Wynberg was the target of an arson attack on Friday night. According to police, at approximately 1:00am, they received an anonymous tip off of a fire at the former warehouse building in Lester Street, Wynberg. The area was cordoned off as fire fighters doused the flames.

Detective Khaleni from the Wynberg police station said investigations are underway. No suspects have yet been arrested.

The controversial place of worship has been the centre of a public furore since its launch last month for its sectarian approach to Islam. At the opening of the mosque three weeks ago, irate members of the public protested outside, with some heckling Open Mosque founder Dr Taj Hargey when he delivered the Friday sermon. VOC News were told by some demonstrators who made threats against the Open Mosque and its founder, that they would shut it down. VOC

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  1. This attack is wrong. Taj Hargey and I share very little apart from the fact that he is a Muslim. Hence I am not an apologist for his worldview.

    Taj has the right to belive what he wants to, associate with whomsoever, wherever, he wants to and speak his mind as he wants to as long as he does not physically interfere with anyone else who holds different views, associates with different types of people and propagates a different worldview. These are rights that we have from the Quran and the Seerah – and by the way in the South African Constitution.

    The arsonists are cowards. They have to make the argument and defend their positions. Taj will be a martyr and the arsonists should go to prison. This intolerance comes from the Wahabis and Salafis., who have been trained in the Middle East and our own Dar al-Uloom.

  2. The sentence should read:

    ,At the opening of the mosque three weeks ago, irate members of the ‘Muslim’ public protested outside, …

    Its only Muslims that have a problem with this mosque. Christians, Jews, Rastafarians etc. dont care.

    This signals a new low for Muslims in South Africa. Goes to show how intolerant we’ve become. If its not in line with our perception, it must be destroyed. Immediately. Leaves little room for displaying Islam as a religion of peace.

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