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Outpouring of support for Yusuf Fisher

Once again there has been an overflow of tributes to radio personality Boeta Yusuf Fisher and his family from listeners who were heartbroken upon hearing the news about the loss of his wife Shariefa just six days after the passing of their only daughter Nazley. Aunty Shariefa passed away in hospital in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after being admitted into ICU. Ardent VOC listeners will remember Shariefa as a woman who always supported her husband in his commitments to the radio station and its audience.

Her death is a double blow to Boeta Yusuf who also lost his only daughter last week, barely a week after she gave birth to twins. News this morning of Shariefa’s passing left many in shock and sadness, with most dedications on air in honour of her.

VOC listeners also expressed their condolences via comments on the Facebook page in a post shared hundreds of times.

“ Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. My deepest condolences to Boeta Yusuf Fisher and family. May the almighty grant aunty shariefa and her daughter a high place in janah (heaven) and put lots of sabr (patience) & contentment in the heart of the family, close and dear friends as well as the management and staff of voice of the cape. Verily from Allah we come and unto him is our return,” stated Sadiya Arnold

“ Boeta Yusuf Fisher I have known you for over 15yrs. My heart is breaking every bit with the news of your wife passing. In a week you have lost your Queen & your Princess. Yaa Allah, we will never understand your pain through this very difficult time, we ask that the Almighty protect you, guard you and increase your health, we also ask the Almighty to increase your contentment & sabr (patience) In Shaa Allah. May the Almighty grant Aunty Shariefa and Nazley, not forgetting all other deceased Jannah tul Firdous) In Shaa Allah,” commented Najwaa Samie

“ Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioun. It is with great sadness that I came to hear of the passing on of Aunty Shariefah Fisher the wife of presenter Boeta Yusuf Fisher who also lost his only daughter Nazlie a week ago. I ask the Almighty Allah to grant them both and all the deceased a high place in jannah (heaven). Most of all May Almighty Allah grant Boeta Yusuf and the rest of the family all the sabr in their hearts and make it easy for them Insha Allah Ameen. Remember Allah knows better,” said Ebrahim Solomon‎

“There are times when words fail to describe the depth of emotions and this is one of those times. Yaa Allah, only You can truly console, please grant ease to Boeta Yusuf in this extremely trying times. Our hearts truly go out to him.” commented Farieda Salasa

A sms read “I would like to send my condolences to Boeta Yusuf and son may allah swt put sabr in their hearts and may Allah grant their loved ones jana tul firdous insh allah ameen. I cannot imagine how they are feeling right now but Allah gives his hardest test to his strongest soldiers keep strong,”

Well-known companies also paid their respects.

“Our deepest and heart-felt condolences to Boeta Yusuf. Inna Lielaahie, Wa Ienna Ieleihie Ra’Jie’oon. May Allah grant Boeta Yusuf’s wife, Auntie Shariefa and their daughter Nazley a high place in Janah (heaven) Inshallah and place sabr in the heart of Boeta Yusuf inshallah. Sent from Hendricks Bus Services

Assalamu Alaykum. We, hereby, wish to express our heartfelt condolences to Boeta Yusuf and family on the passing of Boeta Yusuf’s wife and daughter. We make du-ah that Allah SWT grant them both Jannatul Firdous and grant Boeta Yusuf and family sabr and contentment in this difficult time, ameen.” received from Elite Cash & Carry Management & Staff

The following message was sent from Telkom, the previous working place of Boeta Yusuf.

“We, the staff at Telkom, would like to send their deepest condolences and sympathy to Yusuf Fisher and family. Working with you over the past few years, we have come to know you as a very respectful person and a father who loved speaking about his daughter. We know how proud you were of your daughter. The sons that you always wanted, your daughter has blessed you with two beautiful grandchildren, by the grace of the Almighty. Your amazing wife has also departed; may God give you the strength to continue and may their memories always live within you, knowing that you will be united in heaven again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. We will always hold you in high esteem. God bless you and your family. With love from Anita Swartz and your colleagues at Telkom.”

VOC (Quaanita Satardien)

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  1. May Allah put Sabr in the Heart of Boeta Yusuf . He is a true asset to Voice of the Cape listeners . Sterkte . Ameen

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