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Palestine commemorates Land Day

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Land Day in Palestine marks the events of March 30th, 1976, when Palestinians took to the streets to protest against Israel’s illegal confiscation of land as Zionist authorities announced plans to seize thousands of acres of land from a number of Palestinian territories to further develop illegal settlements. This deliberate policy of land grabs ensures the slow but certain disenfranchisement of Palestinians.

Clashes in the protests of 1976 broke out between the Israeli Occupying forces and the Palestinian protesters and six Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli fire as dozens more were injured.

The day remains symbolic as the first mass protest action by Palestinians living inside Israel and continues to be remembered until today as Palestinians struggle to hold onto their lands. The impounding of Palestinian land has been work in progress since 1948 and continues to this day unabated.

This anti-colonial struggle of the people of Palestine is not only about the theft of land. It includes the daily struggle against home demolitions, destruction of farm lands and olive plantations, the fight of the Bedouins, the illegal occupation and the violence embarked upon by the illegitimate colonial settlers and the Israeli military.

International law prohibits Israel from exploiting the natural resources of the occupied territories, but Israel continues regardless and treats Palestinian land as its own,”

We are encouraged by the need to stimulate conformity with world-wide human rights laws. For seven decades the illegal Zionist states has occupied historic Palestine and have shown no commitment to upholding these laws as it applies to the Palestinian people.

We urge all civil society organizations and individuals with a moral conscience, to use every means at their disposal, to establish an awareness of this continuous criminal entity. Pressure must be exerted on the Western governments and in particular our Government, to apply the boycott, sanctions and divestment policies which will lead to the dismantling of the apartheid structures built into the Zionist ideology.

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