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Parents must monitor children for bullying signs

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A recent video of a child being bullied at school has sparked outrage after going viral. The 24-second video was recorded at Fairbairn College in Goodwood and then later posted onto Facebook by the victim’s mother, Shamsoenisa Gordon-De Jager. The video shows the victim, Raaziek Camroodien, lying in the foetal position while a group of learners kick him. The victim was then rushed to hospital by his mother after the attack was called to a halt by a teacher.

After the mother posted the video onto Facebook, founder of Chauncey Epic Anti-Bullying Club Beverley Davids was tagged in the video to bring her attention the incident. The club, which has been founded a few years ago, aims to deal with the worldwide effects and difficulties of bullying.

Davids, who is a mother of a child that has been a victim of bullying on numerous occasions, spoke to VOC to express her disappointment and provide information that may help parents and learners that face similar issues with bullying.

“Basically the same thing happened to Chauncey in 2012, so I know exactly where this mother is coming from,” said Chauncey.

Davids explains that in her son’s case of bullying, the younger sister was the one to report the incidents to her, rather than Chauncey himself.

“What I discovered when I started working in the field I am working in now is that you hardly hear the victim of bullying speaking up and saying ‘this is happening to me’. It is seldom that something like that happens,” said Davids.

Davids advises parents to pay close attention to their children’s behaviour in order to tell if they are or have been a victim of bullying at school. This can be done by noticing if the child is unusually quiet, withdrawn or acting out of character.

“When your child comes to you or when someone else comes to you and says ‘this is happening to your child’, you do not doubt your child,” advised Davids further.

“You then also need to make sure that you do something about it once you find out. You need to make sure that the child’s teacher, principal and the Western Cape Education Department are aware of what is going on.”

Davids added that even if the necessary awareness is made after discovering signs of bullying, one should not rely on that being the way of solving or putting the problem to an end.

“I made sure all those people know about it, but they did absolutely nothing about it” she added.
Davids urged more mothers need to stand up take action in such situations.

“For the mother that stood up for her son, I personally applaud you,” said Davids.

Parents and victims that need any assistance can call her on 073 557 8849 or e-mail:

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