Muhammed Sheik

What brought you to the Voice Of the Cape?

A random VOC call / presenter search. Being a public speaker for sometime and (an excessive speaker for most time) , I thought I’d give it a shot!

What do you love most about radio?

Creating a gallery of visuals for an audience but more importantly creating room to ‘listen’ and not just ‘hear.’

In five words, how would you sum up your show?

Born to Serve is Lit!

What is the one thing that you are excited about that’s coming up in 2018?

Graduating as a medical doctor InshaAllah.

What drives you?

Knowing that what I do has purpose and earns the pleasure of Allah the Almighty. Having the Qur’an as my companion, family as my support and the community who see something in me that makes me wanna give back as often as I can.

Are you a morning or a night person?

Both? Depending on what opportunity presents the next day. Sunday Live has me tucked in early on Saturday nights whilst exams have me pacing my lounge the night before. It all depends – it always does.

Any pet peeves?

When the number of ‘uhms’ or ‘uhhhmmmmmms’ by radio presenters per second exceeds normal vocabulary, people who giggle excessively for almost no reason and people who respond with one-liners to open ended questions.

Embarrassing moments on air?

The Islamic song background to my show is a by a person called Hafs Gazzi. To my absolute dismay, I didn’t know this for my first few shows. I saw his name feature at random bits on my production sheet for sometime and given that my show revolves around leadership, I thought that he was some great Saint of the past (with such a Middle Eastern feel), I started saying his name with all sorts of added Islamic titles – Shaykh at the front and Rahmatullah Alayh at the end (May Allah have mercy on his soul)…etc. If I could only express my embarrassment when I found out that he was a Muslim Islamic artist of modern day.. And not some great saintly leader of the past…

PS. I’m hoping you’re containing your laughter reading the above..

Where is the worst place you could get stuck?

In between my hand that gives and my hand that’s tied to my pocket. Life’s too short to be stingy.

If you could talk to the President, what would you talk about?

Has BEE created a socialite clique of hungry black capitalists or truly addressed entrepreneurs who live below the poverty line?

If you could be in a movie, what character would you play?

Muhammad Ali (The Trials of Muhammad Ali – 2013).

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