Shaykh Samih Jad

What brought you to the Voice Of the Cape?

Reaching new Areas, improving myself, being captured by the Kindness of Cape Town’s people and being in Radio for the past 16 years means I must try the FM

What do you love most about radio?

The feeling that you can inspire a great audience and play a vital role in a positive change.

In five words, how would you sum up your show?

Its light, interesting and full of anticipation.

What is the one thing that you are excited about what’s coming up in 2018?

I have hope in Allah, that the Arab spring will be coming back again sooner or later InShaAllah and these nations will get its freedom and dignity.

What drives you?

Pleasing Allah.

Are you a morning or a night person?

I am 24 hours worker so you can say I am both, since I only sleep for 5 hours or even less.

Any pet peeves?

To be seated with a group of people and each one of them is busy with their phones and all are silent and not talking to each other. I guess its the sad story of the ”Unsocial media”.

Embarrassing moments on air?

During Hajj Season, I was the only presenter on ITV from morning till the next morning. At 1 am I almost fell asleep on air :). Luckily the director realized the issue and took a break and gave me some coffee and an energy drink.

Where is the worst place you could get stuck?

Cairo, it’s so crowded and hard to find traffic rules.

If you could talk to the President, what would you talk about?

I will surely grab the chance to invite him to Islam.

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