Yusuf Fisher

Yusuf Fisher hosts Caravan into the Night Monday – Wednesdays from 9pm to Midnight and Golden Hour Saturdays from 1.30 – 3pm.

What brought you to the VOC?

On completion of “Presenter for Television” and “ Producer for Television” courses at Wits University (WITS TV), an acquaintance suggested that I auditioned for the soon to be launched radio to be called the VOC

How would you sum up your show?

I try to present programmes that focus on issues of community interest and concerns. I also try to present some programmes that are less serious and more entertaining and fun-filled.

What do you love most about presenting?

Being able to communicate and build a relationship with the community and to meet the listeners during OB’s

What was your funniest moment on air?

I once posed a question on air, asking the listeners which gland is activated when you see and smell food. Instead of saying the saliva gland a listener answered “the prostate gland”.

Any memorable interviews you have done?

There are a few. When I interviewed a resident of an old-age home, asking him if he had any children and he replied “unfortunately…Yes”

When a young boy (13/14 years old) called into the Prisoner’s Hour program one evening during Ramadan to wish his mother (who is in prison) well over the fast and telling her how he is missing her and how tough it is without her, however that she must not worry about him, but look after herself.

When I stood inside a cell during a historical outside broadcast from a prison in Wellington and witnessed how an inmate made Athaan through the bars of the cell’s window for the Waqt of Thur. It created a very sad sound (to me) as it echoed in the inner court yard of the prison

Which direction would you like the show to take in the future?

I would like to see that the elders who are the listeners of the Golden Hour program become members of a “Golden Club” which will have social gathering, group sessions, outings, etc. for the elderly in our community so that they can enjoy the “Golden Hour” of their life. It may be negotiated with certain retailers, butchers, chemists, etc. that the elders, because they are members of the club, may qualify for discounts from these businesses. This would be different from the “usual” discount that some businesses give during pension day. I also want to include more educational material in the Prisoner’s Hour which will assist with the rehabilitation of the inmates listening to the program.

After so many years in radio, what still inspires you?

The belief that I am still a companion to the listener and the hope that I am still able to add value to peoples’ lives

What do you do when you are not on the radio?

I am full-time facilitator, assessor and moderator for a corporate company

What are 5 words that best describe you now?

Trustworthy – Caring – Reliable – Trusting – Fun

What does the VOC mean to you?

I perceive it to be an “institution” which educated, informed and entertained our community for all the years of its existence and which I am honoured and proud to have been a part of since inception. I feel honoured to have been afforded the opportunity to be of service to my community through the VOC. It is indeed a medium which through the years has been true to its slogan of being “My radio station, Your radio station, Our radio station”.

What makes you laugh?

Could be a funny situation or funny things that people say, especially kids.

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