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‘Put your trust in Allah’: Sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim

By Anees Teladia

“The hate that was shot with every bullet, will reflect back as love that is interchanged between communities. By the power and will of Allah, push back against vulgarity and sinful behaviour against you, with love and compassion that is better than what you have received.” These were the powerful words of Sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim from the Al Maghrib Institute in Western Australia, in response to Friday’s unprecedented terror attacks in New Zealand. 49 people were mercilessly killed in the attack and multiple people have been injured.

Amid a global outcry against Islamophobia and extremism, Sheikh Ibrahim urged the Ummah to take security measures and to draw lessons from the Nabi Muhammad SAW in safety and consideration.

“Our Nabi SAW was a person of diligence, concern and of attention to detail. It is inappropriate for us to consider that we can just leave our institutions unguarded and unprotected. Allah SWT commands the Prophet SAW, ’be wary be attentive’,” Sheikh Ibrahim told VOC Breakfast Beat on Friday.

“We need to update our security systems and rally our friends in parliament and government to provide us with what is necessary as protection – as our cousins in faith, the Jewish people Alhamdulillah, are entitled to, so are we.”

“We need to take a lesson from the atrocities they [Jewish people] have experienced and how they updated their systems, practices and policies, (and) implement similar procedures within our homes and our communities.”

Sheikh Ibrahim commented on the horrific nature of the attacks and offered a dua as well as some insight into hardship.

“It is an internationally imported act of terrorism – something I do wish to highlight Inshaa Allah. A well thought out, well-planned assault upon innocent people.”

“We ask Allah SWT to shelter those families who have departed ones. May Allah SWT quell them with his love and give them strength.”

“The Prophet SAW said, ’Magnificence of reward is found with the difficulties and hardship that is sent upon us in trial,’ therefore you can see this is the community that was chosen by a criminal, devilish mind, because they are an innocent and open community…

“This is a sign of Allah’s acceptance of them.”

He called upon those negatively influenced by the recent attacks, who might feel hesitant in attending mosques to trust in Allah SWT while taking the appropriate measures and consideration for safety.

“Put your trust in Allah and know that Allah is the one who protects us all.”

“To those who administer our masajid: there should be a few brothers who are attentive to these things.

The ideology is something we have to be on guard for.”

“It doesn’t mean we need to alter our day to day lives or take off our hijab and not go to masjid, but it does mean we should update security.”

Sheikh Ibrahim mentioned the state of a martyr after passing.

“Allah SWT tells us: Do not ever think that those who have been martyred in the path and cause of God, that they cease to exist. Rather, they are alive and well with their lord, being supplied with sustenance and delight. They wait for those who they have left behind and anticipate and hear of their [those left behind] news from the dunya, in the life of the next life.”


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