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#RacistRant: Woman caught on video

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Yet another white woman has stirred a social media racial storm after she was captured on video hurling racial slurs at the police and calling black people k*****s.

The woman motorist can be heard saying: “The calibre of blacks in this town (Joburg) varies from the calibre of blacks in Durban,” as Joburg blacks were “opinionated, arrogant and plain and simply useless”.

A police officer on the scene was deeply offended and said he would not allow her to speak to police like this.

A second officer on the scene then tried to calm the woman and defuse the situation, but she would not back down.

When a bystander arrived, the officer explained the situation: “She called this constable a black k*****.” The woman then screamed: “No I didn’t; I said I don’t want to deal with any k*****s.

“I have just been smashed and grabbed.”

When one of the officers said: “I’m trying to assist you here,” the woman yelled: “I’m happy for a white person to assist me or a coloured person or an Indian person, I do not want a black person to assist me.”

She later threatened, while she was trying to leave the scene, that if she saw “a black person, I will drive them over”.

“If I have a gun, I will shoot everyone,” she said.

“One k***** is bad enough. This happens all the time, all the time. The k*****s here in Joburg are terrible, I’m so sick of it.”

The officer then told the bystander: “You had better tell her to calm down if she doesn’t want to get arrested.”

The woman was then seen driving off in her white Volkswagen Polo.

The video, which was posted online by eNCA on Sunday, went viral on social media stirring angry remarks from social media.

Many felt the timing was bad because it happened as the country was commemorating the June 1976 shooting of black schoolchildren by apartheid police.

On Facebook, Nyembe SW-touch Sabelo commented that the problem with some white people was exaggeration. “Smash and grabs happen to everyone, but some decent people know that crime is not based on skin colour.

“Some whites need rehab and therapy really,” he said.

To this, Veronica Abramovna Loving responded: “Some whites need to do themselves favours and leave for Europe.”

Jonathan Sansom then responded to both of them: “Ah yes, the racists come out. You’re no better than her generalising.”

Many people responded crossly saying that the woman “by no means speaks for all of us whites”.

SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) spokesman Isaac Mangena told The Star he saw the video.

“I was shocked and angered by the utterances and the ignorance and hatred she displayed towards blacks including even the black policemen from whom she refused help.

“This is a country that is based on the firm principles of constitutional democracy, it is a country which rejected intolerance of any kind in 1994 and chose a path of freedom and tolerance where blacks and whites co-exist,” said Mangena.

He said the SAHRC had not yet received a formal complaint, but that he was “definitely sure we will look into this”.

The latest incident comes just after the Equality Court slapped the former estate agent Penny Sparrow with a fine of R150 000 for her January Facebook post in which she called black people “monkeys”.

National police spokesman Brigadier Vish Naidoo said the matter had been brought to his attention. He said the police were investigating. Naidoo was not able to indicate immediately in which part of Joburg the incident had happened.

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