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All the road closures for the minstrels and choir parades

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Thousands of Capetonians will flock to the CBD over the next few days for the Cape Malay Choirs Parade and the Cape Town Street Parade. With most of the city expected to be congested, residents and motorists are advised to take note of the temporary road closures that will be in place in the city centre and surrounds to accommodate the upcoming minstrel events.

The Cape Malay Choirs Parade will take place from Saturday 30 December 2017 to Sunday 31 December 2017. Affected roads will be closed from 18:00 on Saturday to 04:00 on Sunday.

There will be no access for buses and taxis in Adderley Street, and parking restrictions will apply to affected roads.

A detailed breakdown of the roads that will be closed is available here: Centre Assets/Road_closure_times_CapeMalayChoirsParade.pdf

The Cape Town Street Parade (Tweede Nuwe Jaar) is scheduled for Tuesday 2 January 2018. Affected roads will be closed from 06:00 to 24:00.

A detailed breakdown of the roads that will be closed is available here: Centre Assets/Road_closures_CapeTownStreetParade_2Jan.pdf
Residents and motorists are urged to plan their trips accordingly.

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