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Sahabah conference in SA

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Seeking to enlighten the local Muslim community about the pivotal role played by the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the United Muslim Movement of Africa are to host a Sahabah Conference in Pretoria on Saturday. The programme is scheduled to be broadcast live on VOC after Esha.

Describing the Sahabah as the “greatest benefactors of Islam”, event coordinator Moulana Obaydullah Boja said it was imperative that their glory be highlighted with such an event. They would thus seek to create awareness about the critical role the Sahabah played in developing the religion.

“Islam is a chain, and the strongest part of that chain is the Sahabah. It is that chain which takes the Ummah and unites them with Rasullulah (S.A.W),” he said.

With information about the Sahabah now easily accessible via the internet, Boja said this had given rise to the spread of false information as well. Hence, the conference would seek to challenge and dispel any such misconceptions that were brought about.

“We felt it very important that the correct message, and the qualities and necessities of how great Sahabah were in the bigger picture of our dean, came to the fore,” he said.

Boja said much of their focus would be to appeal to the youth, whom he described as the most important, yet most vulnerable group within society. As a result, they were putting in extra effort to try and motivate the youth to attend the event.

The conference will centre on the ‘Khulafa e Rashideen’, or the first four companions of the Prophet (pbuh). It will be divided into two sessions, the first of which will take place after Maghrib. The session will be conducted by Muhammad Saeed Motara, who will speak on Abu Bakr and Umr (R.A.).

Thereafter, the conference will break for supper, before reconvening after Esha Salaah. Local scholar, Maulana Sulaiman Moola, will then address the gathering on the history of Uthman and Ali (R.A.)

VOC will be broadcasting the conference live on air from Esha until 9:30pm on Saturday the 18th October. VOC (Mubeen Banderker)

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