25 April 2019 / 19 Sha’ban 1440

SA gets quota of 3500 for Hajj 1440


South Africa has been given a quote of 3500 for this hajj season, with a possible increase under consideration by the Ministry of Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) announced on Friday that the first accreditation list is expected to be released on the 9th of February 2019.

It was decided that accreditation and selection of the operator which will facilitate the journey, needs to be accepted or deferred by the 05th March 2019 at 18h00.

SAHUC said in a statement on Friday that any accreditation that is not accepted by this date and time; will result in cancellation with a penalty of 30 points.

Accredited Hujaaj will be afforded the opportunity to discuss hajj packages for season 1440H with Hajj operators at the SAHUC roadshows in Johanesberg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Release date of accreditation is Saturday, 9 February 2019. A response of acceptance or deferral is expected by Tuesday 5th March 2019. Failure to adhere to this date will carry a penalty of 30 point and their accreditation will be revoked. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.
  2. Payment for accreditation acceptance for Hajj 1440H is R1 500. Only once this payment reflects on SAHUC’s system will the applicant be able to select an accredited Hajj operator.
  3. Hujaaj will be able to select a Hajj operator from Monday 11 February 2019, PROVIDED that SAHUC has received the operator’s verification and inclusion packages. The final selection for hajj operators will be NO LATER THAN Tuesday 5th March 2019. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN.
  4. All accredited Hujaaj will be notified of their accreditation via SMS. Hujaaj are urged NOT to reply to the SMS, but instead log onto the SAHUC system and accept accreditation at sahuc.org.za
  5. E-mail any queries to info@sahuc.org.za

SAHUC has urged all Hujaaj to act responsibly by abiding to the process.

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