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Say an extra prayer for Gaza

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The Muslim Students Association (MSA) Union has made an impassioned appeal on Muslim communities to offer an extra prayer for Gaza on Friday. This extra prayer should be performed after the Taraweeh salah at the nearest mosque in your community.

The Qiyaam (extra prayer) is offered during the Esha’i Salaah after Ruku of the last Raka’at. It is in this time, Muslims are asked to perform the extra prayer, asking Allah (swt) to liberate and assist all Palestinians suffering and being attacked in Gaza.

The Israeli army on Monday launched a brutal campaign against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. This campaign goes under the name ‘Operation Protective Edge’. In 2009, Israel launched ‘Operation Cast Lead’, which left 1400 Palestinians massacred and 5000 injured.

In the same way that Muslims rallied for Syria and Burma, the MSA Union has asked that everyone dedicate and recite Surah Yaseen for Gaza before proceeding with Maghrib Salaah.

The MSA Union aims at pushing for a global Qiyaam for the Palestinians, especially during this holy month of Ramadan.

The MSA requests that Muslims approach their local imam, maulana, or masjid to perform the Qiyaam after the Isha’i Salaah. Once you have confirmation that the Qiyaam will be offered at your community masjid, email the address of the masjid to The information will then be forwarded to the rest of the Muslim community.

Also, get in touch with the MSA Union via email on or on Twitter @MSA_Union and Facebook MSA Union. VOC (Shanaaz Abrahams)

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