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Sports, Arts, and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa was arrested for allegedly receiving bribes

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By Kouthar Sambo

The Sport, Arts, and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa was arrested on Wednesday and is expected to appear in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court in Gauteng today. This comes after he allegedly received R1.6 million in bribes. It is alleged that he benefitted from luxury accommodation, loans, and other gratuities from EOH while the company was bidding for government tenders.

Speaking on VOC’s PM Drive show on Wednesday, an independent political analyst, professor Zwelethu Jolobe, said the matter is not surprising.

“Firstly, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency has come with this idea of reform and renewal, and there has been a concerted effort to hold high-profile people accountable,” remarked Jolobe.

“Secondly, coalitions will not be as dramatic as people make it out to be – even though one party did not win over 50% – you still have one party with 40% which is enough chunk of the vote that will prevent the chaos you see in other coalition,” explained Jolobe.

Where things get interesting, said Jolobe, is who does the ANC call onto to make up for that 10% deficit?

“Either they go uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party, and MK is saying no to them, and this leaves the African National Congress (ANC) with one other option, being the Democratic Alliance (DA),” said Jolobe.

He further stressed that some form of coalition will take place, and the only way that coalition can be successful is if you have the ANC in it. According to Jolobe, there is no way you can have other parties in the coalition without the ANC.

“In theory, it is plausible that the ANC can go into opposition but it is the least desirable scenario. Also, the only other stable option the ANC got for a party that has a 40% margin is the DA because it emerges as the second largest party,” clarified Jolobe.

This is in light of the fact that the MK party has no interest in the ANC, said Jolobe, in trying to assist in forming a government. However, the only way to make such an arrangement legitimate, explained Jolobe, is to invite other parties and call it a “government of national unity.”

“This would be centered on an ANC and DA alliance/coalition. Yes, these two parties may be different in terms of policies, but if one had a more pragmatic MK party, things may have changed up a bit. But the DA and ANC emerge as two central forces with a common interest in forming a stable government,” reiterated Jolobe.

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