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Stacey Adams’ father devastated by her murder

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By Thakira Desai

Following the discovery of Stacey Adams’ remains and her subsequent burial, the role of the 6-year-old’s father in her life has been called into question. The family has since confirmed to VOC News that the father was left devastated upon hearing the news of her murder. The little girl’s body was discovered in a shallow grave on Sunday shortly after she was reported missing on the same day. She was last seen at a local shop on Saturday with her mother’s boyfriend, Christopher Lee Brown. Brown was charged for her murder on Wednesday in his first appearance at the Mitchell’s Plain magistrates court.

While many have speculated about the role of Stacey’s mother, Sasha-Lee Adams, in her death, many have begged the question: where is the little girl’s father?

Family spokesperson Lyle Daniels explained that Stacey’s father, Dominic Dickson, was an active person in her life.

Daniels confirmed that Dickson visited the family home on Monday to enquire about the details of the girl’s murder.

“He wanted to know if it is his little daughter and find out who [murdered her]. My aunt [Stacey’s grandmother] and cousin [Stacey’s mother] spoke to him,” he stated.

Daniels said that while he cannot confirm whether Dickson attended the funeral proceedings of his daughter, Dickson did have a relationship with her.

“When he got the news, he came straight to us and we confirmed that it is Stacey who was murdered – he fainted, because he couldn’t believe it is his little daughter.

“After that, we took him back into the house to recover and [then] he just wanted to leave and he left,” Daniels stated.

Daniels said the little girl would regularly visit her father in Delft, where he resides.

“My cousin’s father lives in Delft, the grandfather, so [Stacey and her mother] always went there and they would meet [Dickson] there.

“He loved his daughter very much, because she always talked about him.”

According to Daniels, Dickson was not known to have a close relationship with the suspect.

Daniels said the family now mourns the loss of the little girl.

“Basically the family is still in a state. There are no words to make them feel better.

“My aunt and cousin at least closed their eyes last night and had a good nights rest, because they were happy that they put their daughter and granddaughter to rest,” he elaborated.

Daniels further noted that no member of Stacey’s family has spoken to the suspect since the incident.

“All the family members, as cousins and uncles, just wanted him for themselves, but the police were protecting him. As we ran to the police we were fighting to get him.

“When we heard he did it, all tears rolled off and we did not feel anything, we just wanted him – we wanted to take justice into our hands,” he continued.

The property where Stacey Adams’ mother resided is a scene of ash and debris after it was set ablaze by frustrated residents.

Posted by Voice of the Cape Radio – VOC on Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The case against the suspect, who has been identified as Christopher Lee Brown, has been postponed to 24 July, 2018.  He has been charged with murder and intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

A group of approximately 50 family members, residents and activists gathered outside the Mitchells Plain Magistrates Court on Wednesday to oppose bail.

WATCH: VOC reporter Louche Jordaan got reaction from family members and residents outside the court.

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