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Reward for good deeds multiply

This forms part of a series of stories written by Dr Salim Parker. Visit his site www.thehajjdoctor.co.za ‘I can’t walk Doc,’ he said. All it needed was a slight indentation in the road, barely visible in normal circumstances and definitely impossible to spot amongst the millions thronging every perceivable inch[…]

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Feeling down; Let down

This forms part of a series by Dr Salim Parker. More stories can be found at www.hajjdoctor.co.za He was found lying in the garage, with a bullet wound to his head. A gun was next to him. No crime was suspected, and an autopsy was performed as it was clearly[…]

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Forgiveness is not absolution

By Dr Salim Parker ‘YOU need anything, Doc?’ The questioner enquired about my comfort, whether I needed any food or drink, whether I wanted any luxuries, such as decadent chocolates, and even indicated that he’d sponsor any medication that I may require. We were in Makkah, about two weeks before[…]

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Death in a State of Ihram

By Dr Salim Parker Hajj is Arafat. Arafat is the closest that we mere mortals ever get to our Creator, the day when we are in our Ihram, which resembles the cloth than we adorn once we depart this world. It is the day when Allah smiles on his worshipping[…]

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If Only I Knew…….

Hajj doctor Salim Parker pens his latest hajj story. Read more at hajjdoctor.co.za  ‘What would you do if you get lost during Hajj?’ she asked her father. This conversation took place before he and her mother were to depart for Hajj. The couple were supposed to have performed the most[…]

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Clothes Maketh the Man

South African hajj doctor Salim Parker shares his latest hajj story. More stories at hajjdoctor.co.za He was an engineer working during Hajj at the Jamaraat. Immensely aware of his duties in assisting with the smooth flow of the pilgrims during the days of pelting, he wore his uniform with pride[…]

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Water, water nowhere……

By Dr Salim Parker ‘Doc, we need some water,’ he pleaded. He was on a spiritual high, but his eyes looked sunken, a sure sign of the dehydration that was slowly but surely setting in. I looked around but saw not a drop in sight. I did see hundreds of[…]

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