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District Six

D6 meeting resolves key issues

At a highly-charged meeting at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) on Saturday, several important resolutions were taken to move phase 3 of the District Six restitution process forward. Whilst things got off too a late start, 1100 beneficiaries gathered CPUT hall – only those who lodged land claims[…]

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D6WC to protest claimant’s meeting

The District Six Working Committee (D6WC) plans to protest outside a claimants meeting called by the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform in District Six this weekend. The committee has expressed their dismay that the meeting would be limited to those who lodged claims before 1998. The meeting will[…]

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Minister to meet with D6 claimants

The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gugile Nkwinti, is set to host a feedback meeting with District Six claimants this coming weekend. The meeting, which is directed at those who have issued claims before the first cut off date on 31st December 1998, will address the progress made[…]

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D6 memorial under threat by CPUT development

Despite the redevelopment project in District Six well into its third phase, residents of the area have expressed concern that an iconic piece of land has not been included in the project. Their concerns have been further accentuated by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s (CPUT) decision to start construction[…]

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Palestine Museum keeps memory alive

Stripped of their msot basic human rights and dignity, most Palestinians have lost everything, except for their own memories of their homeland and a deep wanting to return. However, through visually depicting a historical narrative, the Palestine Museum in Cape Town hopes to keep the Palestinian memory alive. While still[…]

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Land restitution bill hailed

The signing into law of the Land Restitution and Amendment Bill by President Jacob Zuma has been hailed as a victory. This means that the restitution claims process will now be re-opened and offers claimants five years to lodge land claims. This development will now have a major impact on[…]

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D6WC focused on 'true restitution'

The District Six Working Committee (D6WC) is determined to enter the second round of the restitution process with the aim of rectifying the mistakes of its predecessors, and bringing about “true restitution”. So says committee chairperson Shahied Ajam, while discussing the current situation of the restitution process in District Six.[…]

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D6 Trust withdraws from phase 3

The District Six Beneficiary and Redevelopment Trust (D6 Trust) has announced their withdrawal from the Phase 3 of the redevelopment process in the District Six area, citing the fact that claimants were being “seduced by the promise of a free house”. Speaking to VOC’s Breakfast Beat, the D6 Trust’s chief[…]

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