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Ijtima 2017 officially kicks off in Laudium

The largest gathering of Muslims in Southern Africa officially kicks off today at the Laudium sports ground in Pretoria north of Johannesburg. Thousands of people are expected to attend the Laudium Ijtima which takes from the 14th of April until the 17th of April 2017. The three-day event hosted by the[…]

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Sunday Live 22-11-15

07h00 to 09h30 with Moulana Aslam Cassiem We started off discussing how gangsters seem to be ruling the Cape Flats and how we need to speak about them. Callers then changed focus and brought up the subject of how some people who have the opportunity to leave work and attend[…]

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Al Aqsa is burning, cry ulema

Ulema in the Western Cape have been urged to focus on the continued brutality at Masjidul Aqsa in their jumuah khutbah on Friday. The impassioned plea by the Muslim Judicial Council and Al Quds Foundation comes as Islam’s third holiest site remains the flashpoint of violence between extreme Zionist settlers,[…]

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250,000 pray at al-Aqsa

Dozens of thousands of Palestinians performed Friday prayers in the al-Aqsa mosque despite Israeli restrictions on entering Jerusalem City. Thousands of Palestinians headed to al-Aqsa from Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to pray. Women less than 30 years of age and men under 50 were prevented from[…]

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Hundreds prevented from crossing to Jerusalem

Israeli forces deployed at a main checkpoint in northern Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank prevented hundreds of Palestinians from crossing into Jerusalem Friday morning, due to recently enforced entry restrictions based on age. Israeli forces prevented women between the ages of 16 and 30 from crossing to Jerusalem without[…]

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Ulema to focus on xenophobia in Jumuah

Ulema in Cape Town have been urged to pray for peace and tolerance during the Friday Jumuah khutbah, as South Africa faces another xenophobic crisis, a stark reminder of 2008. Increased attacks on foreign nationals in Durban have sparked widespread condemnation across the country, with President Jacob Zuma on Thursday[…]

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Imams warn parents from the mimbah

A Cape Town cleric who on Friday delivered a scathing sermon against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group, said he did so not only to alert parents on the dangers of recruiting by such groups but also to make Muslims aware of the fact that such groups do[…]

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Ulema to focus on ISIS in jumuah

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has called on the clergy to dedicate their Jumuah Khutbahs on Friday to enlightening the community as to the dangers posed by the radical Islamic State (ISIS). This comes after the ulema body on Wednesday held a workshop with 80 imams, in the wake of[…]

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