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D6WC to drag minister to court

By Anees Teladia “The Minister of Rural Development who was responsible for delivering the plan to the court is [should be] rendered in contempt of court.” These were the words of District Six Working Committee (D6WC) chairperson, Shahied Ajam, as he announced a decision to take legal action against Rural[…]

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Reclaim the City takes over plush Cape Town golf course, calls for land to be used for affordable housing instead

Reclaim the City activists staged a protest at the upscale Rondebosch Golf Course on Thursday saying the facility should rather be used for affordable housing. “As we commemorate Human Rights Day, we remember how our parents and grandparents struggled against discrimination and an oppressive racist regime. They knew that there could[…]

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District 6 Phase 3 reduced

The development is also nearly two years behind schedule, and which beneficiaries will occupy the flats has yet to be decided. Claimants have been waiting almost two decades for restitution but the redevelopment has been beset by delays. This Thursday marks the 50-year commemoration of District Six being declared a[…]

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Claremont land claims suffer delays

The mistaken transfer of a tennis court is having undue consequences for the restitution process in Claremont, according to the Claremont Beneficiary Trust. Claimants whose families were forcibly removed from the area as a result of the old Group Areas Act have been forced to endure a further delay of[…]

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Mantashe responds to land reform questions

Farms will not be taken from owners without compensation, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Wednesday. “If your land is sold it will be for compensation,” he said in response to questions from commercial farmers in Johannesburg. “Your farms will not be grabbed without compensation.” He said the fears[…]

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