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Pilgrims throng Makkah

The Grand Mosque in Makkah is overflowing with pilgrims who have come to the Kingdom from various parts of the world for the journey of a lifetime which begins on Aug. 19. About 1.4 million pilgrims arrived till Sunday, according to the Directorate General for Passports. A total of 1,301,912[…]

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Serving and being served

For more Hajj Stories visit www.hajjdoctor.co.za ‘HOW I wish I could be served as the lord of the manor!’ he smirked. The two of us were sitting at breakfast in our hotel in Makkah. Hajj was to commence in about two weeks. We had already spent more than a week[…]

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Life and life’s ironies

This is part of a series written by Dr Salim Parker. More stories at hajjdoctor.co.za Hajj is a wonderful journey. We are all detached from the realities of our lives back home where the drudgery, mundaneness, routines and responsibility of everyday life fast forwards time to the extent where we[…]

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If Only I Knew…….

Hajj doctor Salim Parker pens his latest hajj story. Read more at hajjdoctor.co.za  ‘What would you do if you get lost during Hajj?’ she asked her father. This conversation took place before he and her mother were to depart for Hajj. The couple were supposed to have performed the most[…]

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