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No silence on IS

“We cannot remain silent when such atrocities are perpetrated in the name of Islam. The sanctity of human life is a supreme value in Islam and nothing is worth the cost of a human life. Such heinous acts of murder and violence are dishonourable and betray any expression of faith[…]

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National Muslim census soon

The developers behind the Muslim Directory App are looking to quell the debate surrounding the current Muslim population in South Africa, by conducting a census at masajid across the country. They have urged imams and masjid committees to conduct three separate counts during the final week of Ramadan, on Laylatul[…]

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Long fasting worries UK Muslims

Preparing for fasting the holy month of Ramadan, UK Islamic organizations and medics have issued warning ahead of Ramadan, as Muslims gear up for 19 hour fasting during the holy month. “In 2014, the fasting hours for Ramadan will be some 19 hours long. With some five hours only available[…]

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Britons to fast 19 hours

Muslims in Britain will fast for 19 hours a day during the holy month of Ramadan which is considered the most difficult one in years as this year it falls during the summer. Muslims will therefore only have five hours between iftar (the breaking fast meal at sunset) and suhur[…]

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