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MyCiti bus spontaneously combusts in Cape Town [video]

Firefighters rushed to battle a large blaze when a MyCiti bus went up in flames on Nelson Mandela Boulevard on Thursday evening. The bus fire created a great commotion disturbing the flow of traffic on the incoming lane headed into the Cape Town CBD. The City’s emergency services responded promptly[…]

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80 MyCiTi bus drivers fired over Cape Town ‘wildcat’ strike

Eighty drivers who worked for Cape Town’s MyCiti bus service have been fired for misconduct and desertion since the “wildcat” strike that started in October, said one of the route operators Kidrogen. “They were dismissed due to serious unacceptable behaviour which constitutes gross misconduct,” said spokesperson Leah Eckles. This is[…]

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MyCiTi strike to go ahead despite interdict

Striking MyCiTi workers were expected draw their protest into its second week when they descend on the Civic Centre today. This is despite the City saying it obtained an urgent interdict against the striking workers, preventing them from intimidating, harassing or assaulting MyCiTi passengers and staff, or damaging MyCiTi stations,[…]

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MyCiTi bus drivers engage in “illegal” strike

Commuters in Cape Town faced more disruptions on Monday morning, as MyCiti bus drivers in Cape Town embarked on a so-called “illegal or wildcat strike.” Some of the bus drivers who are employed by the Vehicle Operating Companies (VOCs) operating the MyCiTi bus routes embarked on an illegal strike at[…]

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Commuters to brace for nationwide bus strike

As a result of dead locked wage negotiations, Golden Arrow has confirmed that a nationwide strike is set to take place on Wednesday 18th April. Golden Arrow Spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke Beyer says negotiations are still underway and they are hopeful that an agreement can be reached soon. “If the strike[…]

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MyCiTi commuters to bear brunt of attacks on bus stations

The City of Cape Town has condemned what it termed “orchestrated attacks” by protesters on two MyCiTi bus stations. Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, said the attacks on the MyCiTi bus stations would cause major inconveniences to commuters. “Thousands of commuters from Dunoon will be[…]

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