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Rohingya abuse may be crimes against humanity: Amnesty

Military actions against the Rohingya Muslim minority may amount to crimes against humanity, Amnesty International said, as the Myanmar government called a meeting of regional leaders to discuss the issue. “The Myanmar military has targeted Rohingya civilians in a callous and systematic campaign of violence,” Rafendi Djamin, Southeast Asia director[…]

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Halt genocide of Rohingya

As much as there may be merit in complaints that media in general has not provided the Rohingya tragedy adequate coverage, the same argument can be made against human rights organizations for their lackluster approach to the crisis. In the light of an intensified campaign of ethnic cleansing dubbed as[…]

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Ramadan is the strongest antidote for Islamophobia

Omar H is a Muslim-American living in Chicago.* As a Rohingya Muslim, he was forced to flee ethnic and religious violence in western Myanmar, where he was neither recognised as a citizen nor given basic political and legal rights. For three precarious decades, Omar drifted from one inhospitable country to[…]

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Myanmar bans officials from saying ‘Rohingya’

Myanmar has banned its officials from referring to the oppressed Muslim minority as Rohingya, instead insisting they are called “people who believe in Islam”. The order by the Information Ministry attempts to sidestep the controversy that surrounds the identity of the Rohingya and head off disquiet during an ongoing visit[…]

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‘Strong evidence’ of ethnic discrimination in Myanmar

There is strong evidence that Myanmar’s Rohingya people are facing genocide at the hands of the country’s Buddhist rulers, leaving the ethnic minority group with little choice but to either die at the hands of local persecution, or put their lives in the hands of “people-smugglers” and attempt to flee[…]

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Fasting through persecution and siege

Muslims around the world are observing Ramadaan, and some are fasting under appalling circumstances. The Media Review Network’s Suraya Dadoo looks at some of the most disturbing places: CHINA: Until recently the population of Xinjiang, the largest of China’s administrative regions, was mostly Uighur. Most Uighurs are Muslim, and Islam[…]

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