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Indonesian fishermen rescue 370 migrants

Indonesian fishermen on Wednesday rescued more than 370 migrants, many from Myanmar’s Rohingya minority, a rescue official said. They were evacuated from two boats off Aceh province, said Khairul Nova, the chief of the search and rescue agency in the town of Langsa. “They were dehydrated, hungry and very weak,”[…]

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Philippines offers refuge to Rohingya migrants

The Philippines has signalled it is ready to take in thousands of migrants who are stranded on Asia’s seas, the first country to offer shelter after its south-east Asian neighbours blocked them from entering. Manila, a signatory to the United Nation’s refugee convention, said it would help as it denied[…]

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Merkel prompts Myanmar over minority rights

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged further economic support for Myanmar if it holds fair elections next year and does more to protect ethnic minorities. After talks with Myanmar’s President Thein Sein in Berlin on Wednesday, Merkel said that Germany was ready to boost investment and development aid but would[…]

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Locals rally for Rohingya

Three South African based advocacy groups say they are appalled by the global silence on the human rights violations against Muslim populations and other religious minorities in both Burma and Sri Lanka. In a joint statement on Friday, the Protect the Rohingya, Media Review Network, and Palestine Solidarity Alliance organisations[…]

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Often overlooked in favour of other major human rights issues, the persecution of the Rohingya people, a Muslim minority in Myanmar, has rarely received the type of media coverage befitting of such a gross violation of human rights. But on June 13th, Twitter users are set to use the powerful[…]

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