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‘Nazis would approve!’ Bizarre IDF meme depicting ‘Iranian woman breeding terrorism’ backfires

An IDF tweet that appears to show a silhouette of a woman pregnant with ‘terror’ with a slogan accusing Iran of ‘breeding’ terrorism, has triggered uproar, with some accusing Israel of hitting rock-bottom with Nazi-style rhetoric. Israel, infamous for its overly simplistic ways of describing the perceived Iranian threat, has[…]

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Removal of US forces is best way to help refugees in Syria’s notorious Rukban camp – Lavrov

The “easiest and most effective solution” to aid refugees stranded at the remote Rukban camp in southeastern Syria would be the “end of the US illegal occupation of that territory,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Sunday during a visit to Jordan. Around 42,000 people live in the camp, located in the US-controlled area along[…]

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US calls airstrike on Yemeni hospital ‘awful’… then asks Saudis to investigate THEMSELVES

The “reports” about the deadly bombing of a Save the Children hospital in Yemen are “awful,” a State Department spokesperson said, urging the Saudi-led coalition to investigate the incident in a “transparent” fashion. The attack on the hospital occurred earlier this week, leaving at least seven people, including children, dead[…]

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