24 April 2019 / 18 Sha’ban 1440

Tears flow as blessed hair of Nabi (pbuh) is viewed


The Mawlid commemorations and events related to the revered Nabi Muhammad (SAW) continues around parts of South Africa. On Thursday, the Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre (CTIEC) in Eagle Park hosted a historic occasion called ‘Sha’r Mubarak Ziyarah’, where Muslims were able to view the hair of the beloved Nabi Muhammad’s (SAW).

“It is a reality that the viewing of the Hair of Nabi Muhammad (PBUH) has such barakah, and is a cure to spiritual illness,” said Moulana Sayed Imraan, principal of CTIEC.

The Ziyara of the Prophet (SAW) blessed hair takes place every year at CTIEC in Cape Town at the Masjidul Kareem centre. As the scholars say, to see a part of the Prophet (SAW) body, is to see him.The Sha’r Ziyarah 1440 has seen over hundreds of people attend some were happy to be able to see the Hair of Rasoolulah (SAW) and others were in tears as they felt emotions while they viewed the Blessed Hair.

There are many beautiful characteristics and benefits of the Prophet’s (SAW) blessed hair, as witnessed and experienced by the community and in particular the Sayed Family, who have had the blessed hair in their family for many years.

The Shar Un Nabi celebrations

Head of the Cape Town Ulama Board, Mufti Sayed Haroon Al Azhari gave a brief speech about attaining blessings from the Blessed Hair, he also mentioned a Hadith from Bukhari: “Hazrat Umme Salma (radi allahu anha) kept the blessed hair of Nabi (SAW) in a silver casing. she used to remove the baal mubaarak from the casing and shake the blessed hair in the water. those who were ill would gain shifa (cure) after drinking this blessed water.” He further mentioned that the blessed hair is a cure for all diseases. The Sahaba would mix water with the hair and drink it for Shifa, others kiss it and some would only see it and be cured by its blessings.

CTIEC spokesperson Sayed Ridhwaan Mohamed said that it was a beautiful occasion, with salawaat, dhikr, dua, naat in praise of the blessed Prophet (SAW) and perfuming of the blessed hair with attar.

“While the viewing took place, people looked on in wonder, as they stood in the presence of the beloved Prophet (SAW). The love and respect shown by each person was a deeply satisfying experience and a rare opportunity, its nights like this that bring lovers of the best of creation to one place”.

The programme for the evening was presented by the radio presenter Ebi Mamode of Durban who had the crowd engaged for the entire duration of the event. The gathering was educational as well as spiritual as various ulema attended and recited Nasheed/Qasaids. Guest reciter Hafez Noor Muhammed Khan Ziyaee from Johannesburg mesmerised the audience as he recited in his melodious voice while the viewing of the blessed hair took place. This was the 8th year that CTIEC hosted the Sha’r Mubarak event held at Masjidul Kareem. Women were allowed to attend, as separate facilities were provided and provisions to view the Blessed Hair was made for the sisters in attendance.

There was huge interest in the event with a number of people queuing for the blessed viewing and many staying on for some time after its 11pm closing time. All who attended were offered to drink the special water that touched the blessed hair.


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