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Prominent SA scholar passes away

South Africa has lost one of its top scholars and Quranic reciters, Shaykh Abd Al Rasheed Brown. Shaykh Brown passed away on Wednesday evening after a brief illness. News of his death has seen an outpouring of sadness from all quarters, particularly in the ulema and hifz fraternity.  Shaykh Brown comes from a lineage of scholarship. He was the great grandson of Shaykh Abdullah Taha Gamieldien and great grandson of Imam Shaheeboe of Chiappini Street Masjied. He had ten siblings – his five brothers and three sisters are also well-known hufath.

The internationally renowned qari began his formal Islamic education by memorizing the Quran at an early age. After high school he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology at ICOSA. He then went on to study Religious Studies at the University of Cape Town, and obtained diplomas in Management, Counselling & Conflict Management, HR Development, and IT training. He then spent several years studying traditional texts privately with shuyukh and specializing in Tajwid, Qira’at & the Maqamat of Quran recitation at the Dar Ubaiy Centre.

In 1999, he founded the Ibn al-Jazary Institute of Qur’anic Sciences. Under this institute, he then established and integrated the Imam Hafs Qur’an Academy in 2007, a school of excellence for the memorization of the Holy Quran, with a unique and successfully integrated academic program. As an international speaker, lecturer, and accomplished Qari’, he recited in many international Quran competitions, has traveled and lectured widely; visiting a large number of Muslim communities across Canada and the United States, and appearing on numerous TV programs.

Over the past several years has frequently been invited to share his expertise on Muslim minorities in the West, culture and identity, with students at various universities and at international conferences in Canada. He currently teaches Tajwid and Fiqh al-Sirah at the Madina Institute. While running his highly successful hifz school, for the past two years, he also spent his time as the director at the Madina Institute in Cape Town, founded by Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ninowy.

Shaykh Brown was also the imam at Masjidul Quds in Gatesville and later at Masjidus Sunni in Kromboom.

The eloquent scholar has made numerous contributions to VOC on air. His most valued contribution was his participation in VOC’s ground-breaking Khatam-al Quran programme, carried over one week in June 2013 to launch the station’s new independent frequency 91.3fm. The Khatam recital drew the Cape’s most revered Quranic reciters.

Shaykh Brown also delivered regular naseegha over the years, and until recently, did the Arabic recitals on birds and animals mentioned in the holy Quran.
In a statement on Facebook, the Madina Institute SA said expressed its sadness at his passing:

“With deep sorrow and submission, the Alawi Husayni Ninowi Zawiyah South Africa and Madina-Institute SA announces with pain in the heart and tears in the eyes the passing away of one of its Shuyukh and pillars; the pious, selfless, faithful, beautiful Shaykh Sayyidina Abd Al-Rasheed Brown, may Allah Ta’ala shower Him with His Mercies and envelope Him with His special care and love.”

“Shaykh Abd Al-Rasheed was amongst “Ahlul Allah” who worked hard and took all difficulties with a smile. Sayyidi Shaykh Abd Al-Rasheed touched the hearts of all seekers at the Zawiyah, and students at Madina Institute. Filled with simplicity, Adab, and love for Allah, His Messenger, Ahlul Bayt, Sahaba, and Awliya; Sayyidi Shaykh Abd Al-Rasheed’s light will be missed dearly. He was not just a son of the Zawiyah, but beloved to all young and old, with his pleasant personality and quickly forgiving nature.”

Details of his janazah will be announced on air. VOC


  1. May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdous and place Sabr in the heart of your family Insha Allah. Your friends in Canada will miss you. Sheigh Brown has inspired us with his beautiful recitations of the Holy Quraan at so many venues across Canada, and uplifted our youth with his intellect and ability to communicate with them at so many levels.

    My house was always brighter when he was in it.

    We mourn the loss of a dear friend and mentor today!

  2. Innaa lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un..Allahumagh firlahu walhamhu wasakin hu filjannah!
    Abdur Rashied Brown was a tall, skinny boy, with huge, piercing eyes. We walked home behind each other, he from Belgravia High and I from Habibia Girls College to our respective homes in Primrose Park. Under the auspecious of Sheigh MOOSA TITUS, all the brown boy had their foundation and tajweed. I remember studying upstairs in Primrose Park Masjied while Abdur Rasheed and Adil recited their lessons for Ramadhaan down stairs. Their voices were an inspiration for young and old, male and female. People journeyd on foot from the outskirts of Manenberg in the pouring rain, to listen to these mesmerising boys. He inspired so many delinquent youth to study hifz. The first Qari Compition was held under the auspicious of Sheigh Sadullah Khan, Sheigh Adullah Hartzenberg, Sheigh Moosa Titus, Sheigh Sa'deen and Sheigh Saalig Abada.
    Sheigh Faried Wallis took first prize and Abdur Rasheed Brown second place. He was our Primrose Park Hero, his voice..especially Taraweeg. Alhamdulillah Sheigh Abdur Rasheed Brown was a true inspiration to all in our home town…and for that, Sheigh Moosa Titus will always have our respect! May Allah grant Shiegh Abdur Rasheed jannatul Firdows Ameen Thumma Ameen.

  3. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون…..ان العيون لتدمع ،والقلوب لتحزن وانا لفرافق لمحزونون…غفر الله لك وجميع موتى المسلمين يا اغلى اﻷرواح.

  4. We are saddened to hear the pasing away of Sheikh Rasheed Brown. The Sheikh was an integral part of building Masjid Al-Salaam and Education Centre in Burnaby, British Colimbia Canada where he helped raise hundred of thousands of dollars and also travelling from S.A. to lead the Taraweeh salah and spend the month of Ramadan with us. Our local community is so indebted to him and we are shocked to hear of his death. Inna Lillah wa Inna ilayhi rajiun. May Allah swt forgive his shortcomings, grant him the highest place in Jannat ul Firdosh and give sabr-e-jameel to the family…Ameen! Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Sheikh Rasheed Brown.

  5. Inna lilahi Wa Innah Ilehi Rajihun. So sorry to read about the sad news of the passing away of the Sheik. Indeed it is a great loss to his family/friends, the Muslim community and Madina institute. May Allah forgive him and grant him the best part of jannah, amin. Our deep condolence to his family and the institute. Disu Kamor, Executive Chairman, MPAC Nigeria

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