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Traders unsure about future of Greenpoint market

Informal traders are dissatisfied with the development of a new trade site that was promised to them after the Greenpoint Market was shut down in 2009 for the construction of the Cape Town Stadium.

Hawkers, who had for year’s traded at the prime spot, were forced to relocate as building commenced in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup.

According to traders. the market was supposed to be reinstated however the City has not given them any indication of when the space would be made available to them.

The chairperson of the Grand Parade United Traders and president of the South African Informal Traders Alliance (SAITA) Rosheda Muller said after sending several letters to the City asking about any new developments, they have had little success.

“We are still confident that we will receive answers soon. Since the Greenpoint Market was shutdown we have been sending letters out to ask when we will be returning. As per a record of decision after the stadium was completed, 400 trading spaces would be made available for the return of the evicted traders,” she said.

Muller said traders have met with City representatives in 2017, however nothing has happened since.

“For the first time in 2017 we were invited to meet with former Mayco member for Assets and Facilities Management Stuart Diamond who indicated to us that former Mayor Patricia De Lille wanted traders to return to a market site by November or December that year. We are now in 2019 and no new developments has been shared,” she stressed.

Muller said a site has been offered to them in 2014 which they have accepted but due to councillors resigning and De Lille not being Mayor anymore traders don’t know who to communicate with.

“I don’t know who is in charge now and that could be why the development has been so slow. At this moment, all communication goes to City officials in the local economic development department. On Tuesday were supposed to meet with City representatives to give us an update unfortunately, they were not present,” she stated.

Muller said the City should be held accountable and should provide an accurate report to indicate any developments the traders are unaware of, the City has been approached to comment, however they were unavailable.



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