7 Rabi-Ul-Thani 1440 AH • 15 December 2018

Trump now complicit in Zionist Israel’s illegal occupation: MJC


With the chorus of global condemnation against US president Donald Trump’ decision to recognise the occupied city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has added its voice, warning the move will ignite conflict in the Middle East.

The announcement came after days of speculation from international media and condemnation from Palestinian and international leaders, imploring Trump not to take the step, which many said “crossed a red line.”

In his speech which he delivered in the White House to a room of reporters, Trump praised his decision as “a new approach” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and lauded himself for making a decision that former US presidents did not have “the courage” to make.

The MJC said the move will be in violation of international law, signed agreements and undermine numerous UN resolutions.

“It is not the right of the USA or any other government or people to decide which city should be the capital of any country,” said MJC President Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams.

“By moving its embassy, the US will become complicit in Israel’s illegal annexation of Jerusalem and will destroy any chances of a peaceful and viable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital,” Shaykh Abrahams continued.

The city of Jerusalem is sacred to all three monotheistic religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity – and the latest decision will most likely ignite conflict and religious confrontation in the Middle East.

“We urgently request the United Nations to protect the rights of the Palestinian people as stated in the International resolutions and the latest UN resolution 2334. We further call upon the South African government, World Leaders and other governments, countries as well as civil society and organizations to condemn the decision of US President, Donald Trump and to put the necessary political and civil pressure on America not to sanction the move.”

“The only solution to resolve the issue with Jerusalem, is for the American administration to recognize the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to occupy their land. If they do not, they become complicit in Zionist Israel’s illegal occupation of the City of Jerusalem and this cannot be allowed,” Shaykh Abrahams concluded.

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