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VOC mash up for Ramadan

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VOC’s headquarters has been buzzing over the past week as staff prepare for the busiest, and most stressful month of the year, Ramadan. With a day to go before the sighting of the moon, the station has revealed its Ramadan programme line-up, which includes some fresh concepts, as well as some old favourites.

The theme for Ramadan 1438 is “In Pursuit of an Elevated Status in the Presence of Allah Through Developing and Growing a Sound Heart”. The theme is based on the Quranic Aayah 89 of Surah Al Shu‘ara.

Explaining the theme, programme manager Rashieda Davids said it aims to inspire listeners to use the month to increase imaan (faith) and taqwa (God-consciousness).

“We were looking to encapsulate the meaning of Ramadan through the eyes of a believer, who knows that his journey will culminate in him standing in the exalted presence of Allah SWT. Fasting elevates one spiritually and through the countless blessings raining down on us in this month, we can develop a heart that would be pleasing to Allah – a heart that is sound,” said Davids.

Download the programme schedule here:   On-air schedule Final

The key programme changes include:

5am to Fajr – Sabahul Khair
7am to 9am – In the Fast Lane with a slight twist
10 am to 12pm – The Relief Network with Ayesha Laatoe, which focuses on the work of humanitarian organisations
12pm to 1pm – The Middle Ground with Thakira Desai, a new show focused on contemporary Islamic matters
2pm to 4pm – Qalbun Saleem with Tasleema Allie – a programme featuring esteemed scholars presenting topics on subjects like Tajweed
4pm to Maghrib – Drivetime makes way for an extended pre-Iftar show that will feature a series of short lectures the likes of Sheikh Riyad Walls, Sh Zaid Fataar and Sh Abduraghmaan Alexander and Sh Nabeel Majiet amongst others
Maghrib to Esha – The Iftar show, which will feature recitations of some of our most revered qaris by the likes of Sh Ismail Londt, Sh Mahdie Nackerdien, Moulana Saleem Gaibie and our very own presenter Muhammad Sheikh.
11pm to midnight – Mufti Ismail Menk Taraweeh series from Masjidul Quds

Outside broadcasts
Behind every good presenter, is an even better sound engineer. This mean’s VOC’s technical heads will have to be on their A-game this month, with most of them pulling 12 hour shifts. During Ramadan, the technical staff spend every waking minute at the station or at an outside broadcast, to ensure that the overall sound and imaging is on point.

This year, the team will conduct 30 Salahtul Layl broadcasts, 30 Fajr broadcasts, 30 Taraweeh broadcasts and 40 commercial or community outside broadcasts – amounting to about 130 for the month.

“We don’t get much sleep during Ramadan, but its small sacrifice for a greater good. We have a dedicated team who really go all the way during Ramadan. Alhamdullilah, there’s a lot of barakah in what we do,” says technical manager Nazeem Petersen.

Download the Taraweeh schedule here: RAMADAAN TARAWEEG May 2017 – Huffath list

With so much work behind the scenes, the programming team is now looking forward to Ramadan, to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

“From a programming perspective it is challenging in the sense that in the weeks or even months leading up to the month, there’s a lot of forward planning involved whilst still having to contend with an existing workload. Time is always a factor,” says Davids.

“However, now that we’re in that final stretch where the pressure is really on, it is also most rewarding as you see months of planning coming to fruition, Alhamdulilaah. The journey is a truly enriching one and it is our sincere wish that the listener finds great personal benefit through our humble efforts.”

Added to the programme changes, VOC also has five community projects this Ramadan. This includes the Makro-Muslim Hands Fitrah campaign, Pick n Pay Make a Difference, Charity in Motion, Kids Ramadan project and Ahlan Wasahlan.

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