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‘We want the death penalty”, say Eastridge residents

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By Loushe Jordaan

Emotions were high at the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s court on Wednesday as the suspect in the Stacey Adams murder case made his first court appearance. The suspect, Christopher Lee Brown, portrayed had a stone cold face and at one point smiled, as he stood in the dock. Brown, who is the boyfriend of Stacey’s mother, Sasha Lee Adams is facing charges of murder and assault with the intention to cause grievance bodily harm. Stacey’s lifeless body was found in a shallow grave next to Brown’s wendy house on Sunday in Da Le Rey road in Eastridge, a day after she disappeared. The accused was denial and the case has been postponed to 24 July 2018.

Protesting outside the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate Court, residents chanted “no bail for child murderer, holder placards saying “the world’s greatest crimes are silent crimes” and “it is time to empower our children to report abuse”.

Speaking to a resident from Woodlands who came to support the family, she said she felt that it was important for her to join the crowd and to highlight the severity of child crimes.

“I am a mother and it could have been my child. I am here to show Stacey’s mother that the community feels her pain,” she said.

Awaiting for the court room to open, frustrated family and friends questioned why they [the court officials] were delaying opening the court as the case was supposed to start at 9am but only officially started after 10am.

“Why is there no set structure, instead everyone is running around not knowing what is happening. Once again, they are not taking us into account,” a close family friend said.

The Adams family spokesperson, Lyle Daniels, who stood a few meters away from his relatives said the entire family were completely distraught by the murder.

“We just want justice to prevail. We want Christopher to be punished for what he did to Stacey,” Adams said trying to hide his emotions.

Inside the court room, a crying Sasha was consoled by one of her aunts, who allowed no media to get close to her. The court room was filled with family members who were briefed by their lawyer to remain calm and not to allow their emotions to get the better of them once Brown enters the court.

Outside the court room chaos erupted as residents wanted to enter the court room to support the family but was denied entry because the room was already filled to capacity.

After the court adjourned, Lyle said he was shocked that the suspect showed no remorse when he appeared before the court.

“The way he looked at us showed that he has no remorse for what he has done. He had no heart for Stacey and what he has done to her,” he said.

Lyle said the death of his niece left him shattered and heart broken. He wants justice to take its course.

“I want to take justice to be served. At this moment I want to kill Brown with my bare hands.”
Community members say that the only punishment that would be appropriate for crimes of such nature is the death penalty.

“People like Christopher should not be roaming this earth. Why is he even allowed outside when he killed and raped before? We are calling for the death penalty.”

Umr Hendricks, who was in the crowd, says government is failing communities.

“I am here because I want government to hear our cries. Our children are prisoners in their own homes. I strongly believe that the death penalty should be implemented again, this is the only way these crimes will stop,” Hendricks stated.

Fadiel Adams from the Gatvol Capetonian movement said he wants Brown to be made an example of. He says the best punishment would be to hand him over to the community.

“I want to hang Brown; I want to make an example out of him. If they [Police] want to lock me up, then so be it, I’ll be saving a thousand other children from being killed or violated. Defending a six year old girl should not even be seen as committing a crime; the crime was allowing a sexual offender out in our community,” Adams said. VOC

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