Woman scams people out of money and claims to work at VOC


The Voice Of the Cape radio station (VOC) wishes to inform its listeners that a woman has been collecting money from a couple in Belville under the pretence of collecting donations for an orphanage in Paarl.

Joel Booysen said he was contacted last week after the women called his dad asking for funds to bury children from the orphanage.

“The lady known only as Nabeela is claiming to be employed by VOC and seeks funds to help bury children that reportedly died during a fire at the orphanage,” he said.

Booysen said they have donated just over R2000 to Nabeela who contacted them again on Monday morning demanding more money be donated.

“On Monday she sent numerous messages and later called saying the orphanage had burnt down leaving 14 children fatally wounded. She claimed that 13 of those children received donations for their funerals however one child needed donations. she sent us reference numbers and the amount of money that was needed,” Booysen added.

Booysen’s girlfriend then decided to call VOC just to confirm whether donations were still needed. Both Booysen and his girlfriend were shocked to hear that Nabeela is not employed by VOC and that the station never asked for donations for an orphanage in Paarl.

“How can someone do this? She literally played on our emotions and the lives of the children. People like this are the reason why the community never stands behind a good cause because good people get scammed,” he said.

Booysen said he will not press any charges against Nabeela as he never met her and his father who was initially contacted for funds was unable to comment.

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