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Zille elated with provisional election results

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As the count down to the local election final results announcement draws near, certain political parties are waiting patiently to begin the celebrations. One such party is the Democratic Alliance (DA), which as current results indicate will enjoy a landslide victory within the Western Cape.

Speaking to VOC, premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille expressed elation at the provisional results, saying the DA hopes to garner more support throughout the country.

Zille added that within the Nelson Mandela metro voters appeared to be increasingly cognitive about the DA.

“I think that we are in a good position to put together a coalition there. But, the big question is what will the smaller parties get and how will we be able to put together a workable coalition.”

In light of growing DA support within the Western Cape, Zille said that she believes that the DA expects to win a number of ANC councils in places such as Cederberg and Oudtshoorn.

“We had a spectacular day yesterday and the Western Cape is getting bluer and bluer, Zille noted.”

With regards to Tshwane, she explained that the constituency appears to have fallen to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Given the current stats, Zille said that voters, in asserting there democratic right, have proved that the ANC can be beaten.

In response to rumours about intimidation at voting stations, Zille said that while she did not personally receive such reports, it does not mean that no reports were filed.

Meanwhile, Leon Smith of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) explains that as a new party the PA used the 2016 elections as a platform to introduce voters to the party.

He says that the party is working to secure more votes in the 2019 elections, in which it hopes to garner more support within Cape Flats municipalities.

Smith further noted that the party was unhappy with what it describes as the manner in which IEC officials treated its members at certain voting stations.

He says party agents were turned away from being present at voting stations, adding that it was reported that at one party station PA ballots were stacked with another party’s ballots.

He further affirmed that the party has officially queried certain results with the IEC.

Given the current DA results, Smith says that while citizens within the Western Cape have largely voted for the DA, the basic needs of residents have not been met.

He says that widespread poverty, the lack of housing, unemployment, and gang violence indicates that the DA has not worked for the vast majority of residents within the Western Cape.

“I’m fed up with this political party that gives our people a half a loaf of bread, a blue t-shirt and song and a dance. We are not going to progress beyond that. They are the same party that cut off our peoples water and electricity and that turns a blind-eye when our children cannot find work, since it has not provided us with training centres or play parks,” Smith said.

Smith attests the results within the Western Cape to the DA using the elections to promote the party’s national identity, instead of promoting its municipal leaders and vision for the province.



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