Voice of the Cape

Close that d….. window! It's hot outside, stupid.

Us Capetonians are a weird, if not colourful and otherwise lot. Construct a footbridge over a freeway, and we’ll inevitably play Russian roulette in the traffic.  Nothing like dancing amongst the pantechnicons. In summer, when the mornings are wind free, we’ll sleep until the south-easter comes up gale force – and only[…]

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Crawford-Browne from Palestine

Posted below is Terry Crawford-Browne’s response to Friday’s interview on Palestine, he will be based there for three months as a World Council of Church’s observer Dear Shafiq Thank you for the interview yesterday. I hope you were pleased with it. We covered a lot of ground, but at least[…]

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Drivetime joins forces with Democracy Now…

…and we get syndicated Those of you listening to DRIVETIME might have noticed a few more voices on the show. Hope you’re enjoying the variety, something I feel actuality radio needs, especially if it is to flourish. Sorry that our future president, Julius “Jacob” Malema, hasn’t taken up his “thought[…]

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That music thing…eish

When I log on to the VOC website nowadays my ears start to buzz. And no, it’s not the last surviving hive of African bees in Cape Town flying around my head. It’s this music debate. It just won’t go away. For a long time I’ve felt that distance and[…]

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It almost happened…but it didn't

It’s interesting how the “almost happened” and “what if” events of a particular era don’t achieve prominence in the news, or even history books. I suppose part of it is a relief that the threatened event – a war, a calamity or a disaster – did not happen. I thought[…]

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The Radical Middle Way

Isn’t it amazing how time can fly? Not that I’ve been having fun. It’s just been a really busy week. Every time I’ve sat down to write for the Blog, something else has cropped up. Fortunately, I’ve been busy on other things and so, thankfully, have been a face in[…]

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