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City and Dial-A-Ride reach an agreement

By Zahraa Schroeder A long-awaited meeting between frustrated Dial-A-Ride users and the City of Cape Town has finally culminated in an agreement, one that would hopefully, finally, cater to the needs of thousands of disabled people.  The agreement comes after months of back and forth complaints to the city council,[…]

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Demerit system for drivers officially approved

The much-dreaded Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Bill has officially been signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The legislation is most infamously known for its demerit system, which will have a profound change to driving in South Africa.  This controversial proposed traffic law seeks to impose a[…]

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Potential fourth suspect involved in Cremer murder

After Meghan Cremer’s murder suspects were in police custody, an undisclosed amount of cash was withdrawn from her bank account from an ATM in Philippi. According to the Facebook Group Adjudicate, “a day after the three suspects were in custody an undisclosed amount of money was withdrawn from Meghan Cremer’s[…]

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City of Cape Town’s power tariffs to be probed

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) is investigating the City of Cape Town’s electricity tariff increase and its tariff structure. The increases were brought into effect in July 1. “Nersa received numerous complaints regarding the City of Cape Town’s electricity tariffs and is looking into the matter,” said[…]

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The arguments for and against the NHI

Since the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill was introduced to Parliament last week, the debate about the plan which promises to fundamentally change healthcare in South Africa has heated up. While the arguments for NHI tend to focus on the massive inequalities in the current access South Africans have to[…]

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Anti-crime patrollers treated to high tea in Cape Town

Amid SA National Defence Force and police operations in Cape Town’s crime hotspots, some of the city’s unsung heroines in neighbourhood watches (NHW) and community policing forums (CPF) were treated to a high tea for the work they do in dangerous conditions. “As I travel about the Western Cape and[…]

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