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That Mawlud Thing (And Other Issues)

IT has to be supremely ironic that Creation’s most significant event is recognised as being one of the most controversial issues in Islam today.   This event was the birth, the mawlud, of Adam (as) when a God-fearing jinn called Iblis suddenly  became resentful. Space does not allow me to[…]

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Dome of the Rock

WHEN YOU ENTER THE AL-AQSA SANCTUARY, you are spoilt for a choice of where to go’, said my diary. It was certainly true; for commemorative domes, moulded outdoor mimbars, ceremonial ablution fountains, ancient schools, mausoleums and musty reception rooms dotted its precincts. An un-named pilgrim had noted centuries ago that[…]

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Malema: Time to Ship Out or Shut Up?

Julius Malema, ANC Youth League President, part-time millionaire, Presidential poodle and populist lap-dog, has yet again defied his party bosses. And yet again, they will cough into their expensive shirts and look the other way, saying that Julius is only a young man – and shame – young men say[…]

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Israel: When The Gun Turns

If you’re a budding student of surrealism, I would recommend Israel. It will prove to be your greatest project. I can assure you that Israel’s bizarre political landscape will provide you with material beyond your wildest dreams. Described by the Oxford dictionary as an “expression of the sub-conscious mind through[…]

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In the Shadow of Fatimah

    Habib Umar ibn Hafidh, one of the Hadramaut’s most celebrated spiritual leaders, conducted a successful tour of South Africa recently, lecturing in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.   As a 39th generation descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (s) through the lineage of Sayyidina Hussain (ra), he hails from[…]

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Habib Umar ibn Hafidh’s historic visit to Cape Town Media interviews can be predictable things. People who are famous for being famous can hardly utter a sentence. Those who are well-known might be worth a few sound bytes; and those who are really famous might, if you’re lucky, reveal something[…]

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