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Bonteheuwel launches a petition to save peace garden

Bonteheuwel residents are outraged over the City of Cape Town’s plans to auction off a piece of land the community transformed into a peace garden. According to residents, there was no public participation and they blame local ward councillor Angus McKenzie for failing to ensure that the process was fair[…]

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Nersa powerless against CoCT’s electricity surcharges

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has concluded its inquiry into the City of Cape Town’s electricity tariff structure and price increases. Nersa had received numerous complaints regarding the City’s tariff structure and electricity prices from several parties and after months of consistent requests and complaints by the[…]

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Rising sea levels threaten Cape Town’s coasts

Concerns are mounting regarding the Mother City’s coastal properties as rising sea levels caused by global warming could call for a retreat to high lying areas. The Milnerton coast in particular is fighting against being swallowed by the ocean, and stormy weather has lead to heavy erosion of parts of[…]

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City and Dial-A-Ride reach an agreement

By Zahraa Schroeder A long-awaited meeting between frustrated Dial-A-Ride users and the City of Cape Town has finally culminated in an agreement, one that would hopefully, finally, cater to the needs of thousands of disabled people.  The agreement comes after months of back and forth complaints to the city council,[…]

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