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Israel warns of ‘crushing retaliation’ after Hezbollah says its rockets can reach Tel Aviv

Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to crush Hezbollah if it launches an attack against Israel, after the militant group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, claimed that Tel Aviv was within rocket range. Speaking at a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, The Israeli prime minister warned of a “crushing” retaliation should the Iran-backed, Lebanese group[…]

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US imposes sanctions on Hezbollah MPs in Lebanon

The United States has imposed sanctions on Hezbollah political officials, including members of the Lebanese parliament, accusing the group of threatening the “economic stability and security of Lebanon and the wider region”. The sanctions, announced on Tuesday, target parliament members Amin Sherri and Muhammad Rad, as well as Wafiq Safa,[…]

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Syrian refugees at risk as extreme weather hits Lebanon

The lives of 70,000 Syrian refugees in makeshift camps across Lebanon are at risk as the country faces extreme weather conditions and flooding, the United Nations’ refugee protection agency has said. A heavy storm with colder temperatures and high winds, dubbed Norma by Lebanese meteorologists, has affected some 11,301 refugees[…]

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