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Removal of US forces is best way to help refugees in Syria’s notorious Rukban camp – Lavrov

The “easiest and most effective solution” to aid refugees stranded at the remote Rukban camp in southeastern Syria would be the “end of the US illegal occupation of that territory,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Sunday during a visit to Jordan. Around 42,000 people live in the camp, located in the US-controlled area along[…]

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Syrian refugees at risk as extreme weather hits Lebanon

The lives of 70,000 Syrian refugees in makeshift camps across Lebanon are at risk as the country faces extreme weather conditions and flooding, the United Nations’ refugee protection agency has said. A heavy storm with colder temperatures and high winds, dubbed Norma by Lebanese meteorologists, has affected some 11,301 refugees[…]

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Conscience Convoy reaches Syria-Turkey border

Journalists, activists, human rights advocates from nearly 60 countries have arrived at the Turkish-Syrian border after two days of exhaustive travelling by bus. The ‘Conscience Convoy’ began its three-day journey from Istanbul as part of International Women’s Day to highlight the suffering of women imprisoned by the Syrian regime. 2000[…]

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