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Saudi Arabia

Umrah visa costs increases

South African umrah pilgrims will have to fork out another R380 for umrah visas, after a price increase came into effect last week. According to the South Africa Muslim Travel Association (Samta), the Saudi Haj Ministry has increased the umrah visa fee by 100 riyals. SAMTA secretary-general Ismail Olla said[…]

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Sahuc fills hajj quota for 1440

With three months to go before the sacred pilgrimage, South Africa’s hajj quota for 1440/ 2019 has finally been filled. The Western Cape has the most hujjaj in comparison to other provinces at 41%.  The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) made the announcement last night, following another round[…]

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Saudi Arabia executions: A cruel travesty of justice

On Tuesday, Saudi official sources announced the mass execution of 37 prisoners, including one rather abhorrent crucifixion, carried out after execution. The prisoners were lumped together and charged with several ambiguous charges such as terrorism, conspiracy to undermine security, spying, spreading Shia Islam and murder. The crucified man was accused[…]

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