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Recognition of Religious Marriages in South Africa

OPINION by Waheeda Amien To date, religious marriages including Muslim marriages, Hindu marriages and Jewish marriages in South Africa have not been afforded legal recognition. On 30 May 2018, the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) in Cape Town hosted President Cyril Ramaphosa at a community iftar (Muslim breaking of the fast).[…]

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Judgment reserved in Muslim marriages case

The Women’s Legal Centre on Friday left tempers flaring in the Western Cape High Court when it pointed out that nine counsel had been appointed by the State to argue the organisation’s application for the recognition of Muslim marriages, and all nine had advanced the same argument. All the advocates[…]

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3 judges to preside over Muslim marriages case

A class action case calling for the recognition of Muslim marriages has been postponed to the 28th August. The matter was meant to be heard at the Western Cape high court on Monday morning. The Women’s Legal Centre launched the application to compel the South African Government to give recognition[…]

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Muslim marriage case back in court

On Monday, the Western Cape High court will hear arguments from the Women’s Legal Centre, the State, and interested parties on whether the failure to recognise Muslim marriages discriminates against women. The failure to recognise Muslim marriages has been the subject of a more than a decade law reform process.[…]

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Muslim Marriages Bill application pushed to March 2017

Judge Seraj Desai has postponed the application to expedite the passing of legislation that will give recognition to Muslim marriages. Judge Desai ruled that he could not proceed without the involvement of crucial Chapter 9 institutions and tabled the proceeding to March 2017. The Women’s Legal Centre, which brought forward[…]

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‘ANC must respect due process in Fransman case’

As allegations of sexual harassment against the ANC’s Marius Fransman stands to be investigated, opposition parties, women rights groups and community members are up in arms in light of claims that he was reinstated by the African National Congress (ANC). Earlier this year, Fransman, who is the chairman of ANC[…]

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