8 Ramadan 1439 AH • 24 May 2018

First list of 2018 accredited Hujaaj set for release


Prospective South African Hujaaj will be informed about whether they have been chosen to perform Hajj 1439/2018 at 18h00 on Monday, January 15, 2018. This as the South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) prepares to release the first list of accredited list of Hujaaj for 2018.

Meanwhile, SAHUC has issued a statement, amending the timing of the selection of the operators for Hajj 1439/2018.

SAHUC says the amendment was made since the packages pf the majority of operators are not ready for release.

“Inshallah, accredited Hajj operators will be present at the SAHUC Roadshows. Hujaaj can discuss with Hajj Operators with regards to possible Hajj packages for 1439H (2018).

“However, there is a possibility that some packages might exclude prices for the five days of Hajj, until the protocol team finalises in the middle of February,” the statement read.

Revised Accreditation Procedure:

  1. The release date of Accreditation will be the 15th of January 2018 at 18h:00. The South African Quota is currently 2500. Final acceptance of accreditation or transfer shall be the 05th of February 2018 at 18h00. If accreditation is not accepted or deferred, it will result in a cancellation by SAHUC with a penalty of 30 points. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ENTERTAINED.
  2. Payment for acceptance of accreditation for Hajj 1439H is R1,500.00. Any applicant who paid a fee last year and did not request a refund will pay an additional top up of R130.00. Proof of payment for their accreditation last year must also be provided. Payment must be completed by the 05th of February at 18h: 00.
  3. A Hajj Operator selection will only be logged on the SAHUC system from the 06th of February. Final choice of a Hajj Operator selection shall be the 28th February 2018 by 18h: 00. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN. Any Hajji not linked to an Accredited Hajj Operator by that date will have their accreditation revoked and a penalty of 30 points will be deducted from their score.
  4. All accredited hujjaaj will be notified via SMS of their accreditation for Hajj 1439H. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE SMS, log onto the system and accept accreditation and Hajj operators on the SAHUC system at www.sahuchajjregistry.org.za
  5. All queries will be centralised through info@sahuc.org.za

Following a meeting with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia on January 11, 2018, SAHUC was informed that  biometrics will be required for all Hujaaj travelling for Hajj.

Information on the biometric system is expected to be released in due time.

“The Saudi Embassy has confirmed that official communication regarding biometrics will be sent to SAHUC. We will inform the public once official communication is received.”

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