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Israel claims mortar fired from Gaza

The Israeli army says that Palestinians have fired a mortar round into the country in the first such attack since the August 26 ceasefire. Israel’s claims that a mortar had hit southern Israel on Tuesday was met with immediate denial from a Hamas spokesperson who questioned whether the attack as[…]

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Ebola crisis ‘spiraling out of control’: Obama

President Barack Obama issued a global call to action to fight West Africa’s Ebola epidemic on Tuesday, warning the deadly outbreak was unprecedented and “spiraling out of control,” threatening hundreds of thousands of people. Speaking as he unveiled a major new US initiative which will see 3,000 US military personnel[…]

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Kurds retake Christian villages from IS

Kurdish peshmerga forces on Tuesday recaptured several Christian villages in northern Iraq in clashes with Islamic State (IS) rebels, an officer and a cleric said. Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians, most of them Chaldeans, fled their homes when IS rebels launched a renewed drive in the north in early[…]

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UN estimates Ebola fight to cost nearly $1bn

The number of Ebola cases in West Africa could start doubling every three weeks and it could end up costing nearly $1bn to contain the crisis, the World Health Organisation has warned. In a report released on Tuesday, WHO said about $987.8m is needed for everything from paying health workers[…]

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Suicide car bomb explodes in Kabul

A Taliban suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into a convoy carrying foreign troops in Kabul on Tuesday, triggering a massive blast that shook the city, causing an unknown number of casualties. At the side of the road, foreign troops gave first-aid to some blood-stained fellow soldiers from the convoy,[…]

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US airstrikes target IS near Baghdad

US military forces have conducted airstrikes against an Islamic State target near Baghdad for the first time as part of an expanded effort to combat the militants, the US Central Command said. Attack aircraft were used in a strike Monday in support of Iraqi government troops south-west of Baghdad. The[…]

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World diplomats agree on action against IS

Nearly 30 countries agreed Monday in Paris to support Iraq “by any means necessary” in fighting Islamic State militants. Foreign ministers from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries agreed on “the urgent need” to remove the group from areas it controls in Iraq and[…]

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Palestinian bagpipers back Scottish independence

Scottish independence campaigners have found an unexpected source of support ahead of a landmark referendum on the fate of the United Kingdom — Palestinian bagpipers. In a small hall in the occupied West Bank, far from the tussle over Scotland’s future, pipers and stick-twirling drummers burst into action as local scout[…]

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World lost ‘precious time’ in Ebola fight: EU

The European Union urged the international community Monday to make up for “precious time” lost in the response to the deadly Ebola outbreak in west Africa, calling for more contributions to fight the crisis. “We are behind the curve and for a reason,” EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva said[…]

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