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“This is not an aid package but a war package”

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By Kouthar Sambo

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have thanked the United States (US) lawmakers after they voted in favour of new aid packages for their countries worth billions of dollars and Africa receiving little aid.

Speaking on VOC’s Drive Time on Wednesday, International Relations Expert  Donovan Williams said the United States (US) cannot even afford to take care of its own poor.

“This is not an aid package but a war package. The largest portion of the 95 billion is 61 billion to Ukraine, then there’s a portion allocated to Israel specifically to hunt down Hamas. Then you got a portion for humanitarian aid for Gaza, how? We do not know as there is no figure put to that. Lastly, there is also aid to Taiwan to push back against China,” detailed Williams.

We get compartmentalised, explained Williams, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the problem as he is pushing US President Joe Biden as they do not want him to go into Rafah. According to Williams, the US wants some humanitarian pause but they also understand the issue of Hamas.

Similarly, if they do not allocate a portion for Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to run over Ukraine, said Williams.

“The money for Ukraine is aimed to prolong the war, not so they can win the war since the countries in the European Union North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are unable to help Ukraine. The nato alliance will not put troops with boots on the ground, and while you give weapons, the average soldier in the Ukrainian army is 43 years old,” remarked Williams.

“The entire matter is about the US being scared that its global hegemonic power is being threatened since it has brought China and Russia closer. When the war in Ukraine took place, the US sent warships to Taiwan; it also assisted Russia with arms. China and Russia have a defense pact, and Iran has a defense pact with China and Russia,” stressed Williams.

He added that the US is now dragging in Russia and China because they need to create that crisis for their own hegemony.

“The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has landed in China to try and divide the relationship between Russia and China by telling them that they will not bother with Taiwan if China stops assisting Russia,” detailed Williams.

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