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CT hifz students head to Morocco in Ramadan

Two Cape Town hifth students will head to Morocco in the month of Ramadan after successfully competing in a national Quran competition. 17-year-old Amina Hendricks from Cape Town is one of the nine students who participated in the Quranic recitation content hosted by the King Mohammed 6th Foundation. Along with fellow reciter Igsaan Bassadien, they both scored 95% in the Full Quran competition category. The competition took place in Johannesburg at the weekend. Hendricks said the competition was tight.

“Participants from all around the world part took and it was really tough, but we made it to the next round and I’m really looking forward to the next round,” she stated.

“It was only a preliminary round with a total of three questions. The competition attracted a lot of people and a total of nine participants took place,” she said.

When asked how she managed, Hendricks said the only advice she has for those who wish to participate is to have pure intentions and a good support structure.

“Once you participate and do it for the good of the Almighty you are sure to succeed. Having a good support structure is also very important. I could not have done it without my parents and teachers,” she said.

16-year-old Bassadien has become a force in the Quranic fraternity and has won many competitions, At the tender of 11 years old, he won gold in 5 juz category at the annual Abdul Aziz International Quran Memorization competition in Makkah.  Last year, he won the 15th juz section of the 12th annual South African Quran Memorisation Competition.

The participants are set to leave for Morocco during the month of Ramadan where the second round is set to take place. VOC

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