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Delft residents taking law into their own hands

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Residents in the community of West Bank in Delft are approaching breaking point over continued criminal activity by gangsters. Things have come to a head in recent weeks with residents now opting to take the law into their own hands, vowing to defend themselves at all costs.

In an incident last week, gangsters were accused of throwing bricks at the home of a resident, provoking members of the community to confront them. However police soon arrived and began shooting at the group with rubber bullets, arresting civilians on charges of public violence.

Shanaaz Majiet, whose son and his friends were targeted last week, said she was tired of the frequent robberies and break-ins that were making the lives of residents a living hell.

“It is terrible the way they go on. I am so tired and I want to pull the trigger myself. Enough is enough. If I can take the gun out of your hand I will shoot you.

“People are so scared they will come back and smash their homes. The way I feel is that I want to kill a gangster,” said an emotionally distraught Majiet.

Another resident, who chose not to be named, recounted similar incidents of criminality, as well as the steps locals were taking to protect themselves.

“Two or three weeks ago raided the area because we are fed up of these gangsters. We the community are fed-up of them robbing the people. They victimise us and we have to protect ourselves in the area,” the resident said.

He added that residents had warned gangsters against victimising them, and vowed that they were willing to take action should the crime not subside.

Bluedowns Community Police Forum chairperson Reginald Maart said that whilst he supported the community in West Bank (Delft) in their frustrations of the gang violence and crime, he would urge locals not to take the law into their own hands. With 50% of crimes in the area going unreported, Maart said it was imperative locals approach the police when witnessing any criminal activity.

He provided further assurances that the CPF were in the area patrolling through neighbourhood watches, in a bid to ease the plight of the community. VOC

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