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Farewell, Boeta Mailie

VOC has lost another member of its family, a man many have described as having a “heart of gold”. Ismail ‘Mailie’ Philander is best known as the co-host of the popular Showtime and behind the scenes as a studio engineer. Philander passed away at home on Wednesday evening, after a short illness. His best friend and colleague for 40 years, Rajie Devajee said he departed peacefully while reciting Surah Yaaseen in the company of his family and loved ones.

In paying tribute to his Showtime co-host, Devajee described Philander as “a very good man” who dedicated much of his time to VOC and the Muslim community. Philander will be best remembered as being part of the local thikr, moulood jamaahs and qasida fraternity, a passion spanning 30 years. He was the founder of the An Naseem Qasidah band and one of the vocalists of the Al Widah Qasida group, alongside Devajee.  Many known him as ‘Fiela’.

Boeta Mailie and Boeta Rajie doing what they love most - singing Qaseedas
Boeta Mailie and Boeta Rajie doing what they love most – singing Qaseedas

“At the time he was sick he confided in me, as a brother,” said Devajee, breaking down in tears on air.

“He knew just how to make one laugh and was seen as a father figure to many. Today we lost a dear friend, colleague and I am deeply saddened.”

Boeta Mailie with his colleagues Kamal Salasa and Nazeem Petersen
Boeta Mailie with his colleagues Kamal Salasa and Nazeem Petersen

The humble and hilarious on air duo had a special place in the hearts of VOC listeners. They also had a special ritual before their show, which cemented their bond together.

“Before going on air for Showtime, we always prayed Esha salah together. He always made a dua, ‘Allah make the ends of our lives the best, our last deeds the best and make the last of our earthly days the best,” he recalled.

“May Allah (swt) grant Boeta Ismail the highest place in Jannah. I will really miss him.”

Ismail Philander leaves behind his wife Mariam and children. His janaazah will take place at 12.30pm from his home in Sherwood Park.

Meanwhile, many listeners shared their condolences via facebook:

“My deepest condolences to the Philander family and The Voice of the Cape. May the allmighty grant boeta Mailie janatul firdose, nur in his kuboor Insha Allah. May the almighty put lots of sabr and contentment in the hearts Insha Allah. Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Verily from Aĺlah we come and unto him is our return. He will surely be missed,” sent from sadiya arnold and family from strand

“Innalilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him Saturday evenings, he will be missed. May Allah grant boeta Mailie a High Place in Jannah, Ameen and fill the hearts of the family with contentment and sabr. Ameen,” sent from Ruqiejah Paulsen

“Today is one of the saddest days in my life. I lost a friend, a confidant and a dad (as I would call him) Ismail Philander was my fellow golfer at SAAME Social Club and he and his brother Baka, was my SAAME dads and are extremely special to me. How do I face this day having to say goodbye to you Fiela! May Allah grant you a high place in jannat and put Sabr in the hearts of your family, Ameen, go well my friend, you will always be in my heart!,” Sent from Melody Buttress Thebus.

“I met him once just ONCE and what an amazing person… he shared some very positive and encouraging advice to me for my future. May Allah Almighty grant sabr and contentment in his family’s heart and grant him the highest abode in jannah In sha Allah. I am really going to miss his Saturday night shows,” said Aaisha Hendricks

Many VOC colleagues shared their fond memories of Boeta Ismail;

“Boeta Ismail Philander, part of the VOC family has passed away,Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji un. Subhan Allah, what a beautiful person, a real fatherly figure that inspired, encouraged and humoured me often. May Allahu ta’ala grant him Janatul Firdous,” Tasleema Allie said.

“As a technical officer he was 1 of the first technicians who introduced Eat! Pray! Love ❣ and truly inspired me to excel. Ya Rabb,” Rashieda Davids explained.

“May Allah SWT Grant Boeta Ismail Philander Jannah, Ameen. He epitomised ‘goodness’ SubghaanAllah. Boeta Ismail was an amazing sincere man. He played the role of a dad, friend, adviser and motivator. He always had a smile and had an amazing gift of making people feel special,” said Mishka Daries

“He was a good person. I met him before VOC existed, we did sound together at another company. For him to come on board the technical side despite his age, he did well. He was such a dependable man, I could call him any time and ask him to arrange a Thikr for me and without thinking twice he did so,” Nazeem Petersen said.

“Although I did not know him very long, I grew close to him in such a short span of time and I will miss him being a technician for one of my shows.” said Jasmina Petersen.

“We got to know each other from our community forum days as he was always willing to assist the people in the area if they were in need. He really is a peoples person,” stated Fadia Abrahams.

“Boeta Ismail was a very pleasant man and always made one feel good,” Shehaam Kagee said.

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