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Imam Haron’s spirituality to be explored in book

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The Imam Abdullah Haron Foundation will be embarking on several programs in commemoration of the renowned Muslim activist, Imam Abdullah Haron, who was killed in Apartheid detention in 1969. This includes the launching of a book titled ‘’Imam Haron: The Spiritual Guide’’, which unpacks his principals of fasting.

“One of his gifts was a small publication produced by the Islamic Publications Bureau in the early 1960’s. This booklet that Imam wrote on the principles of fasting. We thought it appropriate in this 50th year to reproduce this and add some additional articles and papers presented by people who have been supportive of his work,” said the foundation’s co- ordinator Cassiem Khan.

The activists’ murder sent shock waves across the country. Imam Haron was also highly regarded in the Muslim community as someone of piousness.

Haron had pursued Islamic studies’ in Mecca and was tutored by the famous Shaykh `Abdurahman al-`Alawi al-Maliki, Shaykh `Abdullah Taha Gamieldien and Shaykh Ismail Ganief. It is said that in the days after Haron’s janaazah, he appeared in a dream of Shaykh al-Maliki where he said: “Tell my people not to worry about me, I am worried about my people.” There were several people who also reported feeling tremors the night he was buried.

Khan emphasized that the late activist was one of fortitude and resilience, adding that the foundation found it fitting to release the book during the holy month of Ramadaan.

“At the end, it was found his stomach was empty. His ability to fast is what allowed him to withstand torture in the worst of conditions. This (book) for us, is a good contribution for our spiritual upliftment and it’s almost a way we can bring the voice of imam Haron into our homes, in the month of Ramadaan.”

He went on to point out that Haron’s legacy is a rich one.

“People remember Imam Haron as the man that used to fast Mondays and Thursdays. This is of cause a great sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) but the fact that Imam Haroun is synonymous with (this fasting), is something that shows the quality of leader that he was and quality of community we can become if we follow that.”

He believes Haron’s life story is one that should be preserved.

“We are completely cognizant of the fact that we have a whole new generation that may just know the name but don’t know the details. Some aspects such as spiritual life and teaching to us, let alone his political contribution and even to go as far as to say his “armed underground” experiences that he had had- we want people to come and see and hear how they can emulate (his legacy).”

Khan encouraged all Muslims to learn from the beloved Imam Haron.

“Imam was as comfortable on the rugby and cricket fields as he was at the masjids or at the kramat, in providing counselling. This is also an example for the young shuyoogh who are doing sterling work in our communities but sometimes feel they don’t have enough support. Here is an opportunity for them to say, now ‘with more resources and technology, I can take the work of Sayidnia Abdulah Haron forward In Shaa Allah.’”

Khan encouraged everyone to keep tabs for the book’s release soon.


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