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Hujaaj (pilgrims) return home after undertaking the holy journey of Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage)

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By Kouthar Sambo

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik, Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik. Innal hamda Wan-ni’mata Laka walmulk Laa sharika lak. (O my Lord, here I am at Your service, here I am. There is no partner with You, here I am).

These are the words of our esteemed Hujaaj (pilgrims) who are returning home after undertaking the holy journey of Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage).

On Wednesday, the 5th of July, the third group of Hujaaj arrived at the Cape Town International Airport at 17:30.

Furthermore, another group of Hujaaj arrived at 16:50 yesterday while 56 Hujaaj of Khidmatul A’waam arrived at 11:35 this morning. Meanwhile, another 40 Hujaaj will arrive at 17.00 this evening.

“Tomorrow, two groups of Hujaaj will arrive this coming weekend as 18 Hujaaj arrive tomorrow (8th July) and on Sunday (9th July) 14 Hujaaj will arrive. Both groups will arrive at 11:35 am. On Monday (10th July) 8 Hujaaj arrive at 11:35 in the morning,” added Khidmatul A’waam’s Moulana Dawood Sampson.

“This is what the Kaaba does to the Haji (pilgrim). You long to perform Hajj but once you have fulfilled all your spiritual activities, and bid farewell to the Kaaba, you desire to be back with your loved ones.”

While the journey may look like it has come to an end, explains Moulana, it begins with facing the direction of the Kaaba (the point toward which Muslims turn in praying) on a daily basis and asking Allah (SWT) to return you back to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

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