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With Global Da’wah Day earmarked for Saturday 5 July 2014, only one religion prevails: Islam. Participants from the Global Dawah Movement from six continents will take part. It is an initiative which portrays the da’wah activities of major da’wah organizations around the world.

In South Africa, the campaign will be disseminated towards the community through media, posters, booklets, Q&A sessions and the distribution of roses through the Rose Initiative.

According to Islam Tomorrow, the word Da’wah simply means ‘to invite to something’. When it is used in conjunction with Islam it is understood to mean ‘inviting to the way of submission and surrender of Allah’, said Maulana Ahmed Tahir Mohammad, the organiser of the local initiative.

“The best form of da’wah is to be a human being and to do what is pleasing to Allah. It is a way of life.  It is to show us what a true human being is like and how the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would give to others. What you love for yourself you should love for your brother,” said Mohammad.

On Global Da’wah Day, Muslims around the world will propagate the ideology of peace. Islam itself stands for peace. Da’wah assists in eroding away the misconceptions that Islam is a religion of terror and creates an awareness of what Islam is all about.

“Islam is not a religion that is a boogieman; it is a religion that has come to verify the coming of Jesus, Moses and Abraham. Islam is there to open the eyes of everyone. It is not a foreign religion but it is the same religion that has been preached,” says Mohammad.

“Even if Islam is under another name it remains a religion of peace. It has come with the final Prophet and the final scripture and that is the Quran,”

Islam promotes unity with qualities of togetherness and brotherhood. Therefore it is no surprise that a third of the global population are Muslim.

For more information, visit VOC (Nailah Cornelissen)

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